Australia is a gorgeous country with so much to see and so much to do. If it is your first time in this great country it can be a bit daunting but fret not! Here are some insights on what you shouldn’t miss.

So much to do so little time

Australia is utterly full of wonders! It truly is the country for adventuring. If the Cage of Death crocodile diving and swimming with the sharks aren’t your thing there is always the options of having horse riding holidays and cuddling koalas! From the thrill of the adrenaline pumping through your veins when shark diving, to the serene peace and calm you feel on horseback there is something for everyone. There is just so much to explore in Australia. The breathtaking view, the vast hiking and camping grounds to name a few. There is no shortage of what one can do while on vacation. What most backpackers recommend is that you make the best of outdoor activities and to go exploring instead of being caught up in the usual routine when in a big city.

Every foodie’s dream

Australia is also known for its vast cuisine. Instagrammable, Michelin star restaurants, the street food culture and blend of various flavors are all the rage among tourists and locals. There are of course the flattering and disses of food critics online regarding whether or not major restaurants are worth the splurge. Even more popular are the blogs and Instagrams that gives shout outs to much cheaper hidden treasures, festivals, events and businesses for foodies on a budget.

Stay cozy

Finding the perfect accommodation can be tricky. Hotels can be quite expensive while comfortable and beautiful bungalows or cottages can be found at a very reasonable price. Accommodation Kangaroo Valley for example are known for how serene they are. Not only does having your own space allow for privacy and sense of calm and quiet but also a sense of intimacy. To be alone with your own thoughts or loved ones is a privilege one takes for granted so it’s best to step back and put everything into perspective. The self-contained accommodation will make you feel right at home and allow you to unplug, de-stress and unwind in the blissful outdoors.

Vacations are what we look forward to all year. It’s what gets us through the countless reports, assignments, meeting and staring blankly at a laptop wondering what you’re doing with your life! Australia is so full of wonders that not a moment should be wasted indoors! Explore the many beauties and the endless possibilities! Pack your best hiking shoes and be prepared for a journey of a lifetime!