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Even though studying is an annoying thing as we considered when we were little, our parents made us to go through kindergarten, secondary schools and finally the high school. Graduating from a high school is the most beautiful event and the best memory of all the time, as well as the most saddest thing as we have to let go all the friends who stayed with us forever, and all the beautiful memories we had together in there. It doesn’t stop from there. Because you have to leave your own home and your family behind, because of what? Because the time has come to start a new life in college. The college life has come already?

College life

College life is a whole new different story. Because, not like before you have to be responsible about everything as you are the one who have to do all the stuff alone. Preparing for the college is one big mess. Because, first of all, you have to check whether if you can afford for a dorm room, or else if you can rent a house or something. But if you’re in a hurry and couldn’t ready for any of those options, what will you do? Because you can’t go home back and drive to college every day. And if you are an international student, you’re in a big trouble. Because you have to find the accommodation facilities. So until you find a good place to crash on, you could always use an affordable hotel. Therefore you don’t have to worry about wasting money and find place leisurely at your rare time.

Earlier plans

Or you might be a person who has already planned everything, especially an international student who is thousands of miles away from home, who misses home therefore wanting to live like home, actually can goes for an option like mini hotel Tripadvisor. So they can work independently like controlling all the things they want, as kitchen facilities and washing machines and all the things you needed are already installed there. Therefore you don’t have to worry about roommates or anything. But if you like to have a roommate, that’s totally fine as you can divide the expenses and live comfortably as you have already planned.

Until graduation 

You maybe have to spend four to five years of college years until you graduate. In between these years, you got only few journeys to make it back, as your university has become your home. And eventually, you will have to graduate and move out to whole different places for your jobs. So until then, enjoy your stay in university life.